Firm Profile

Our Mission

Develop and manage facilities to improve the community and the environment, while providing superior customer service.    


Our Values

 Safety - We are committed to eliminating all worker injury.  Family members of everyone that works with us can expect their loved ones to return home as healthy as they arrived.

 Integrity - Every successful relationship is based on trust and responsibility.  Our ethics insure our business will be conducted with the highest level of integrity.

Sustainability - Facilitate and promote the development and use of ecologically sustainable materials and practices.

Service - The foundation of our business is customer service.  Meeting the needs of our customers will secure our future.

 Teamwork - Our people are the backbone of the company.  Using trust and respect, collectively we are able to solve any challenge or situation.

 Stewardship - We carefully protect our financial resources.  Doing so creates opportunities for team members’ career growth and business expansion.  Ultimately building wealth among the company and providing career opportunities for future generations.


 Our Vision

Guided by our mission and values, we are committed to becoming a “Total Facility Service Company” with the reputation of exceeding our customer’s expectations.